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The Mission

to Make Advocacy Kind And Innovative

Our Goals:

1. Create a platform for youth to advocate freely.

2. Provide development opportunities to create the advocates of the future.

Our mission is to channel youth power, kindness, and innovation to change paradigms on how we view justice, nonviolence, and community. With a dual focus, Mission Makai believes in both promoting and uplifting the voices of current advocates and stakeholders while connecting youth with the people, programs, and resources for innovative and kind advocacy.

Image by Dyana Wing So

Our First Event

Environmental Art Advocacy Exposition at

Full Circle Nine Gallery in Downtown Indianapolis

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Image by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova

Mission Makai:
Making Advocacy Kind and Innovative

Mission Makai was founded to harness the power of youth kindness and innovation to create a generation of advocates with the tools to create grassroots nonviolent change in communities across America, starting here in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mission Makai has two broad strategies:

1. Center the voices of community stakeholders and established advocates. (Advocacy Now)

2. Create the next generation of kind and innovative Advocates. (Advocates of the Future)

Advocacy Now

Mission Makai publishes, promotes, centers, and celebrates the voices of community stakeholders and active advocates who bring kindness and innovation to their nonviolent messages.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Advocates of the Future

Mission Makai connects youth with the people, programs, groups, and resources that develop advocacy skills, community wisdom, and nonviolence expertise.

Study Group on the Grass
Image by Clem Onojeghuo
Study Group on the Grass
Group of Friends
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How we make change.

Uplifted Youth

Advocates of the Future

Connecting Youth with Resources to Affect Change


Advocacy Now

Changing Social Paradigms through Amplifying Voices of Nonviolent Change Advocates

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Where we guide our advocacy.



The American Justice System was founded on the concept of Retributive Justice:

Fear of punishment is the best deterrent to crime and we should punish those who break the rules because they deserve to be punished.

Learn about the systematic and inherent flaws of Retributive Justice, and alternative justice philosophies such as Restorative Justice that promote healing, personal accountability, victim advocacy, and reconciliation here.

The 6th principle of Kingian Nonviolence:

The Universe is on the side of justice.



"Nonviolence is not the absence of violence, it is the antidote to violence." -Kazu Haga

Nonviolence is too often stereotyped as inaction and cowardliness. Nonviolence is the opposite. Nonviolence is standing up to injustice, addressing harm, and building relationships that heal. Nonviolence is never an excuse to be a bystandard, it is a philosophy of doing.

The 1st principle of Kingian Nonviolence:

Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people.



As we enter an age defined by social media algorithms, clicks, and a divisive political atmosphere we face new obstacles in developing a sense of beloved community. How can we come together to better love, support, and uplift each other while standing against injustice around us? 

How much more can individuals achieve when supported by an inclusive and just community?

The 2nd principle of Kingian Nonviolence:

The Beloved Community is the framework for the future.


Fighting for What We Believe In. Together.

Mission Makai began from the personal journey of one youth advocate, shocked by the realities of America's punitive criminal justice system propagated by mass incarceration and the Retributive Justice philosophy...

Click a link below to learn more.



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