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Crowd Protesting

Empowering Youth Advocacy

1. Platform Youth Advocates    2. Develop Youth Advocates

Create platforms for youth expression that fit their preferred style of advocacy.

Provide resources and mentorship to youth advocates.



Advocacy Now

Advocacy Now is Mission Makai's open platform for youth expression. For far too long, youth have been told that their voice matters but then told how and when to speak up. That isn't free expression. Youth deserve the choice in how they express themselves and when.  Advocacy Now exists to create a platform for writers, artists, videographers, and any other mediums of expression of our youth. 


Advocates of the Future

Advocates of the Future exists to provide opportunities to and mentor our youth advocates. When youth sign up to advocate with our platform, they are assigned a youth mentor to assist them in the development of their advocacy content as well as connect them with opportunities for positive growth.

Street Protest
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