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Mickey Makai Carrothers

Youth Advocate and Founder of Mission Makai

Born in Bloomington, IN.

"I spent years working in Restorative Justice and Nonviolence spaces before I truly understood those concepts. And now that I do, I'm not going to shut up about them."

-Mickey Makai

Fun Fact: When my mother went into labor with me, she was working at Bloomington's Community Justice and Mediation Center. So technically, I was born into justice and nonviolence advocacy!



Who am I really?

Mickey Makai Carrothers is a youth activist, legal intern, and avid advocate for Restorative Justice and Nonviolent practices. Since the age of fourteen, Mickey has been involved in the Restorative Justice process with Reach For Youth’s Teen Court program, this nationally-recognized program brings youth offenders in front of a jury of their peers who decide which restorative consequences would be the best fit to restore the harm that has been caused. Today, Mickey is a vocal member of the Restorative Justice community in Indianapolis, Indiana working with Reach For Youth, the Marion County Prosecutor’s office, the Indiana Department of Health's Youth Advisory Board, and the Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition to address youth violence in Indianapolis. When Mickey is not working, he enjoys playing basketball with his friends, taking care of his many cacti, and painting or cooking with his mom. 

Current Roles

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Founder and Lead Advocate

Mission Makai

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Legal Intern

Gilbert Legal Services

From program management to website development and direct advocacy, Mission Makai is Mickey's passion project and life's work.

At GLS, Mickey works directly on criminal cases, SEO-oriented digital marketing, and social media management.



Reach For Youth Inc.

Since the age of 14, Mickey has participated in the Teen Court program and has spoken at multiple Reach For Youth events along with publishing an article on the program to an international audience.


Policy TaskForce Member

Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition

Mickey has serves on the Policy Taskforce to advocate for direct policy changes and learn the skills necessary for effective advocacy and lobbying.

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Youth Advisory Board Member

Indiana Department of Health

On the Indiana Department of Health's Youth Advisory Board, Mickey has had the opportunity to advocate and become educated on addressing youth mental health and addiction on a macro-scale.


Writer and SEO Consultant


Mickey has worked with Sportsinrush to create educational sports-related content with a focus on SEO content and Artificial Intelligence based copywriting.


Youth Programming Committee Member

Marion County Prosecutor's Office

Mickey advocates directly as a voice for the youth, providing the Marion County Prosecutor's Office with input on youth violence topics from a Restorative Justice and Kingian nonviolence perspective. 


Involved Student

Brownsburg High School

Set to graduate near the top of his class with Summa Cum Laude and a 4.5 GPA, Mickey has taken 11 AP courses and is an active member of the Women's Rights Club, DECA, and National Honor Society.

Past Roles


Violence Prevention Fellow

Marion County Prosecutor's Office

As a member of the 2022 Violence Prevention Fellowship, Mickey met with and learned from leaders in the justice system across Indiana. Many of which, he continues to work with and advocate along side of.


Debate Captain

Brownsburg High School

Although a life-long debater, Mickey began debate officially his Junior year. With a 5 person Speech team, Mickey was the first Brownsburg High School student to compete in a registered NSDA Debate Event effectively founding the debate team with a single other debater. Mickey would go on to win State Quarter Finalist in extemporaneous speech his very first year competing.

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Guest Author

Pace E Bene International Nonviolence

In April of 2022, Mickey was published for the first time to an international audience detailing his involvement in and the significance of Reach for Youth's Teen Court Program.


Student Senator

Brownsburg High School

Since his sophomore year Mickey has served his school community as a Chain-Link Student Senator, organizing countless charity efforts, school events and spirit activities.

SSS Flyer_edited.jpg

Founder and President

Students Seeking Success

His junior year of highschool, Mickey founded a student group focused on creating a community of ambitious and high-achieving students with the mission to make personal, academic, and professional development accessible to all students.



Campaign to Elect Victoria Wilburn

Victoria Wilburn, besides being a board member at Reach For Youth, is a passionate community advocate who is fighting along side Hoosiers everyday to make Indiana into a safer, more equitable, and more free Indiana for all of us to enjoy. Mickey has had the pleasure of advocating beside Victoria and contributing to her campaign for Indiana House Seat 32.

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